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5 Benefits to Building a Low-Maintenance Home

Spend more time enjoying your custom house with a low-maintenance home

If you’ve invested time and money into building your custom home, the last thing you want is to have to spend even more energy maintaining, upgrading or fixing it.

After all, you built your home so you can enjoy the life you’ve always wanted in a home you’ve always dreamed of. 

That’s why building a low-maintenance house is an extraordinary option for those looking to kick back and relax in a hammock in their sun-soaked backyard.

Are you wondering what a low-maintenance house is?

Let’s break it down.

There are a few reasons why homes crumble, break down, or fall into disrepair. A lack of building knowledge or attention to detail during construction, a skills shortage on the part of the builder or homeowner, or a lack of maintenance on the part of the homeowner may be the cause.

Many homeowners fail to realize that their homes need regular maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. Instead, they wait until something breaks before repairing it, which can cause overwhelming stress, further structural damage, and high repair costs. 

A low-maintenance house means your house checkups are faster and easier, so you can get back to spending your Sunday hosting an unforgettable barbeque instead of repainting your house siding. 

While no house is completely maintenance-free, regular health checkups on your home keep it running smoothly and safely for future generations. 

Curious about all the ways a low-maintenance house benefits you? Keep reading for our top 5 perks of building a low-maintenance house.


#1. Low-Maintenance Homes Mean Less Time Spent on Upkeep

Building a custom, low-maintenance home means incorporating innovative systems, materials, and designs that are easier to care for compared to traditional homes.

During the design phase of your custom home, your building team can help you select features and components that will last and be low-maintenance. 

For example, installing easy-to-clean, durable flooring so you can easily mop away any muddy pawprints or tomato sauce drips instead of spending an afternoon scrubbing, polishing, or filling in scratches on your kitchen floor. 

Compared to a higher maintenance home, a low-maintenance home means you spend fewer late nights or weekends caulking tiles, repainting the exterior, or completing to-do lists of everything that needs to be checked in your house.


#2. Low-Maintenance Homes Mean Less Money Spent in the Future

Building a custom home is an investment. It shouldn’t be followed by spending more money replacing your roof in 10 years or re-sealing your brand new deck every 3 years. 

Never mind the money spent fixing, updating, or replacing smaller features throughout your home that can’t withstand your day-to-day lifestyle. 

You can save money on maintenance during your time living in your home by investing in durable materials with long lifespans from the start. A composite deck, for instance, is insect-proof, rot-proof, and won't splinter like a traditional wood deck.

Be sure to talk with your home build team about long-term upkeep costs in your home as well as options for more low-maintenance, long-lasting materials or features. 


#3. Low-Maintenance Homes Mean Less DIYing (and Stubbed Toes)

Homeownership brings so much joy and ease, but it also adds a level of stress, as you need to keep your home up-to-date and in good working order.

Some homeowners are expert DIYers, woodworkers, and craftspeople who could fit in seamlessly with our team at NZ Builders, but others are guaranteed a misplaced nail or stubbed toe when maintaining their home.

Whether you’re trying to DIY a quick fix yourself, debating hiring a professional, or wondering how you’re going to find time to do all the home maintenance, your home maintenance to-do list may seem neverending. 

With a low-maintenance home, you can stop wasting your time watching videos about how to fix leaky gutters and instead, spend your evening binge-watching the latest Netflix special.

Plus, your toes (and thumbs) will stay pain-free. 


#4. Low-Maintenance Homes Mean More Time Enjoying Your Home

A low-maintenance home means you spend less money, time, and energy repairing or maintaining your house. But what does that look like for you in your day-to-day life?

It looks like less yard work and more soaking in the sun on a lawn chair while cracking an ice-cold beer.

It looks like less repainting your house exterior and more fingerpainting with your grandchildren at the kitchen table. 

It looks like less replacing stained kitchen counters and cupboards and more cooking up delicious family dinners. 

It looks like spending your free time relaxing, entertaining, and loving your custom home. 

A low-maintenance home means you have the time and energy to devote to what truly matters in your life. 


#5. Low-Maintenance Homes Mean Resilient Housing

Low-maintenance homes are built to be well-made, durable, and long-lasting. They’re homes that you, your children, and your grandchildren can experience, enjoy, and grow in. 

At NZ Builders, we believe that everyone deserves a safe home that lasts well into the future. 

A custom home should keep you and your family safe, healthy, and happy for generations to come, whether you choose to build a net-zero-inspired home that's eco-friendly or a low-maintenance home that's easy to maintain.

Or, if you’re after the best of both worlds, let us build your custom house that combines all your needs, wants, and values in one dream home. 


Building Your Custom Low-Maintenance Home

From a builder's perspective, low-maintenance homes are exciting opportunities because they incorporate new and innovative materials and push the boundaries of building science.

It’s also bloody fun building something that lasts for generations to come.

But above all else, NZ Builders finds satisfaction in knowing the families we work with live in safe, comfortable homes where they can live out their dreams.

So, if you want to spend less time, money, energy, and bandaids on maintaining your house, let us build you a custom, low-maintenance home.